API Guide

API Guide

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Full API Guide:


Public parameters: os [System model: android / ios / web]

Public parameter: os_ver [operating system version number]

Public parameter: soft_ver [software version number]

Public parameters: language [software language: zh_cn / en_us]

Public parameter: access_token 【】

Public parameter: chain_network testnet / main_network


All data have to submit as a POST method.


Varcode Generation:

For Mobile: api/register/mobile-varcode

Required Field: mobile_phone

For Email: api/register/email-varcode

Required Field: email


By Mobile :

Required Field: mobile_phone,varcode, password, repassword, code

By Email :

Required Field: email,varcode, password, repassword, code

#code= invitation code



By Mobile :

Required Field: mobile_phone , password

By Email :

Required Field: email, password

New Public API:

Type of API Calls


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