Google 2FA Setup

How to set up 2-step verification

What is Google 2FA-step verification

Two-step verification is an effective line of defense to ensure the security of accounts and encrypted digital assets. Each time you log in to the ProBitEX wallet, in addition to the user name and password, you also need to enter the dynamic password on the two-step validator to log in. This effectively prevents account intrusion when the traditional account password is cracked or leaked.


How to set up 2-step verification

The two-step verification dynamic password generator is divided into software and hardware. The most commonly used software is OTP Auth and Google Dynamic Password (Google Authenticator). ProBitEX will first introduce how to set up two-step verification through the Google Authenticator app to ensure the security of your ProBitEX account.

Use Google Authenticator to set up two-step verification

Step 1: Start two-step verification in the Security Center

Click Open Now to enter Google's two-step verification settings page, as shown below:


Step 2: Download Google Authenticator

iOS users log in to the App Store and search for "Authenticator", Android users log in to the app store or use the mobile browser to search for "Google Authenticator" to download.


Step 3: Use Google Authenticator app to bind ProBitEX account and backup

You can choose two ways to bind the ProBitEX account  1. Scan the barcode  or  2. Enter the verification code manually  . Plan Key : When you successfully bind ProBitEX account, be sure to Note  16-bit keys  for unbundling or reset step verification. Please refer to the third part for specific operation .

·        Scan the barcode

Click the "+" button in the upper right corner and select "Scan Barcode" from the pop-up menu. Then use the camera to scan the two-step verification QR code generated by Google in the first step.


        Enter verification code manually

If you choose to manually enter the verification code, fill in the account name, copy the 16-bit key generated in the first step, paste it in the top position, click on the upper right corner to complete 



Step 4: Complete the settings

·        After the scan is successful or the verification code is entered manually, you can see the following figure on the main interface of Google Authenticator. The two-step verification is configured. After backing up the 16-bit key, you can click "  I have set and backed up the key  ".


Click "  I have set and backed up the key  ".



Backup and shutdown

The backup two-step verification 16-bit key is mainly to deal with the inconvenience or loss caused by the loss of the mobile phone equipped with the two-step verification. If the account cannot be logged in, or the password is maliciously changed by a third-party user (if the lost mobile phone is equipped with a registered account number), log in to your account with a two-step verification code.


Back up the two-step verification key

If the phone is lost or the two-step verification APP is deleted, the only way to recover the two-step verification code is to restore it with the backed-up QR code or 16-bit key. Therefore, it is recommended that you back up it in a safe place while binding, such as a small book placed in a safe, or a highly secure cloud service.

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